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Did you miss out on Summit and want another chance to meet Jesus alongside Catholic college students from around the diocese?

Did you have a great time at Summit and want another chance to be set on fire with love for Jesus?

Do you love retreats, friendship, receiving the sacraments, asking big questions, late night laughter, bonfires, fencing¹, fighting², torture³, revenge⁴, giants⁵, monsters⁶, chases⁷, escapes⁸, true love⁹, and miracles¹⁰?


We invite you to join our ministry as we attend the diocesan Encounter With Christ retreat, from

25-27 March 2022 at Grace Bible Camp in Goshen, Virginia.


At EWC, you'll encounter God in a new way, meet other Catholic college students from around the state of Virginia, and grow in faith while having an awesome time. This action-packed weekend will include testimonies and talks on many aspects of the Catholic life; the celebration of Mass, Adoration, and Confession; and plenty of time for fellowship with Catholic students from all over the diocese. Transportation, lodging, and meals are all included and the cost to you is only $30 if you use our ministry's discount code (EWC190) during registration!

Space is limited and spots are going fast.

You won't want to miss this, so register now!

Scholarships are available if is registration cost is an obstacle for you. Please contact Monica if you need assistance or have any further questions.

¹ Well, probably not, but there is ping pong!

² Against the wiles of Satan.

³ Icebreakers aren't that bad, don't be so dramatic.

⁴ Opportunities for Reconciliation - the best revenge against Satan and his dumb tricks.

⁵ Giant fun, that is.

⁶ Pre-coffee campus ministers at 8 AM Morning Prayer.

⁷ Chasing the retreat high and learning how to bring it home with you.

⁸ Escaping Farmville to retreat into the mountains.

⁹ With Jesus, of course.

¹⁰ No caveats here - encountering Jesus is always a straight up, legit miracle.

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